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Standard Feeders

Complete range of standard feeders developed around families of products such:
Mascara brushes or vial, lipsticks mechanisms and cover, perfume pumps, aerosol valves, dispensing pumps, small tubes, small bottles, syringes….
These feeders are standalone machines, with a built in hopper to feed from bulk part at different speeds (60-120 up to 300)
They are all using the same technology of alternative blade elevator to pre feed parts
Main advantages of theses feeders are:
            - Compact and standalone machines
            - Multiformat feeders
            - Format parts could be designed and added with no need to send back the machine
             for modification. New formats doesn’t impact the setup of previous formats
            - Quick change over (av10 mn)
            - Silent motion as all electrical motion
            - All motions speed are set up and monitored by format
            - Machine start and stop automatically when needed, with ramps full sensor control

These feeders are most suitable for long shapes and fragile plastic parts

BF60 / BF120 for mascara brushes    
 FF60 / FF120 for mascara bottles
PF60 /PF120 for pumps
TF200 for tubes