ADMV has expertise in various industries


Our competencies in various industries

Industry experience and knowledge of our customers' businesses are the foundation of our work

We are a leading provider of product feeding, handling, assembly and robotic transfer solutions for various industries. Customers from the cosmetics, personal care, pharma and healthcare, food and other industries appreciate our know-how along their production lines.

We are committed to understanding our customers' needs and helping them meet their specific industry requirements. Please take a look at some examples of industries we serve. 


We provide space-saving and efficient handling solutions for the cosmetics industry.

At the beginning of the line, we offer a wide range of solutions to load empty products into a filling line. These include depalletizing, destacking, unstacking, and puck insertion. Our offer includes peripheral equipment such as labelers, cap inserters, destackers, and vibrating bowls.

Our robotic handling and transfer solutions for loading products on cartoning, labeling and sleeving machines are part of our in-line offer.

With our end-of-line solutions, you can either palletize your cartons with compact stand-alone cells or merge all your lines into one central palletizing system.

Our core expertise is to provide our customers with user-friendly solutions. For example, we develop smart and fast changeover tools for your operators to run production with the quickest and easiest format changes.



We have many years of experience supplying handling automation for the pharmaceutical industry. Our turnkey solutions help you to gently manage your production in terms of material and information.

Our controls gives machine intelligence to report defaults and minimize downtime.

Remote maintenance is also a standard to support you in very short timing.

We comply with the GMP regulations, and can provide IQ-OQ documentations.

Our end-of-line offer allow you to palletize your cartons either on compact stand-alone cells or merging all your lines in a central palletization system.


Whether your goods come into cartons or American boxes, open or not, reusable totes or crates, our solutions help you to increase, system uptime, line output and your ability to meet changing market needs.

Our end-of-line solutions allow you to palletize your cartons either on a compact stand-alone cell, or merging all your lines in a central palletization system.

ADMV solutions for cartons, totes or crates
Home and personal care

Home and personal care

We provide product handling solutions for personal care industry.

From the manufacturing, assembly and packaging of deodorant to soap, shampoo, conditioner, cream & lotions ...

We supply efficient, reliable and flexible handling and transfer solutions.

Our end-of-line offer allow you to palletize your cartons either on compact stand-alone cells, or merging all your lines in a central palletization system.


We have emerged as a leader in the field of automatic feeding system for mechanical components thanks to the high technical skills of our coworkers.

We provide smart distribution systems, selection and handling devices for a wide range of products in areas like electromechanics, electric and automotive industries.

Our customers benefit from the long experience of our company in vibrating bowl feeders and disk feeders for dispensing items as various as electric plugs, fuses, seals, springs ...

We do have an extensive experience and knowledge in assembly machine around dials or linear solutions. We use our in house solution for feeding components that will be assembled together into our machine, giving us to total control of our own process.

With 35 years of experience we will find for you the most appropriate solution to feed and assemble your components in the right position at the right speed !