Special Machines for Cosmetics and Pharma

Special Machines and vision applications for various industries

We have in-depth knowledge of assembly machines and vision applications.

We find the best solution that fits your application

We have deep expertise in assembly machines and vision applications. ADMV vision applications for assembly and robotic solutions include

  • Product tracking and positioning

  • Robot guidance for picking and placement ''on the fly''

  • Quality control

  • Assembly inspection

We use vision systems from leading providers such as Cognex and Keyence. However, we will find the best solution that fits your application.

Assembly Machines

We have in-depth knowledge of assembly machines for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We have a wide range of solutions for assembly, such as

  • Snapping
  • gluing
  • screwing
  • hot gluing
  • ultrasonic welding

We perform assembly checks for functionalities, aspects, and dimensions with specific sensors and vision.

We offer in-house feeders and robotic solutions connected to the assembly machines to feed products from bulk or trays and put them back in trays after assembly.

Assembly machines for the cosmetics and pharma
Robotic and vision unscrambler

Robotic and vision unscrambler

Regular vibratory feeders, disc sorters, or other regular conveyors cannot feed some specific products due to their particular shape, sensitivity, or required orientation.

In this case, there is often the possibility of using a combination of an image-processing controlled robot with a pre-conveyor. The conveyor brings a stream of parts directly or backlit under the vision of the robot arm. Several robots can work simultaneously, depending on the desired speed.

Removal is done in a tracking motion and deposition can be stationary or in motion. Pre-conveyors can be various types of conveyors, vibratory hoppers, floor hoppers, and tray conveyors to provide the product for the robot. 

It all depends on the parts, the shape and the speed. Typical speeds achieved with a robot vary from 40 to 110, depending on whether the robot has four or six axes.

Vision applications for assembly machines and robotics

Vision-controlled robot arms offer precise handling of products. The robot distinguishes between different shapes, sizes or colors. ADMV vision applications detect even slight anomalies in the products. Our intelligent vision technology, for example, identifies the product's orientation on the conveyor. This information supports the robot arm to precisely pick up an item and place it on conveyors, machines, or packages.

Detect imperfections, damage, or manufacturing flaws with vision inspection

A vision system for inspection detects flaws, contaminations, functional deficiencies and other irregularities in the manufactured products or in the packaging process. Examples include inspecting products for defects, displays to verify symbols, or proper packaging. Vision inspection systems can also check products for completeness, match products to packaging, and inspect safety closures or other closure systems.

Vision applications for assembly, packaging and logistics