Smart manufacturing experience since 1986

Almost 40 years ago, our company was founded by experts in the field of manufacturing in Crémieu, near Lyon, France. Since that day, our engineers delivered over 2000 machines across the world. Our experts are passionate about optimizing the production of their global customers with smart solutions. 

2023 2010

In 2010 we launched the Bag-On-Valve feeder. Furthermore, we first offered our customers the dispensing pump feeder and a layer buffer. In 2012, ADMV launched a compact and high-speed cartoning machine loader cell. Another big milestone was the development of the new flexible depalletizer. In 2014, we launched the first high-speed robotic cells. These innovative robotic cells helped our customers to increase their production and packaging efficiency significantly. Since then, we have continued to develop and improve our robotic product offer. 

ADMV history 2023
ADMV 2000 2009

2009 2000

In 2006, ADMV celebrates 20 years of successful business. What started out as an idea to improve production processes with automatic feeding systems has turned into an organization that helps customers across the globe to improve their production processes. Since then, we focused even more on innovation and user experience.

1999 1990

The first products and services at ADMV were customized for the cosmetic industry. In 1990, the company started the manufacturing of assembly machines. The early 90’s focused on the development of a range of standard feeders for the cosmetic industry. The late 90’s market the early beginnings of the robotics journey at ADMV. With the beginning of the modern age of industrial robots, ADMV launched their first robotic system to help their customers to be faster and more accurate than their competitors.

ADMV team on a fair in 1986
ADMV 1986

1990 1986

In 1986, ADMV was founded in Crémieu, near Lyon, France. The founders were a skilled team of experts, specialized in automatic feeding systems. This was the birth of today’s globally operating leading company in product handling machinery and robotic solutions. Right from the start, ADMV was characterized by engineering and innovation strength.