Feeding solutions for highest industry demands

Feeding solutions for highest industry demands

Bulk feeders for all kinds of products and materials

Feeders maximize efficiency of raw material feeding

The main goal of industrial automation is to maximize efficiency. With ADMV feeders, we offer the most efficient solution for raw material feeding. Our extensive experience with feeding systems has led to developing high-quality feeders for various applications and industries.

Our feeding solutions provide endless application options for various industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others.

Vibrating bowl feeders for bulk material loading

Bowl feeders are the easiest way to feed bulk material to your machines at the beginning of the line. The vibrating movement positions the units upright from the bulk. Once ready, an automatic device picks up the products from the feeder.

Vibratory bowl feeders are available with a wide range of hoppers, sizes and shapes of bowls. We select the suitable inner coating according to various criteria, such as the material of the parts, the sensitivity, or the operating speed.

Our bow feeders suit best for non-fragile plastic or metal parts or materials. Their output speed is ten to 150 parts per minute, while changeover takes only two to ten minutes, depending on the handled products.

For pharmaceutical applications, we provide specific versions with stainless steel bowl feeders, base plates and housing.

Vibrating bowl feeders for pharmaceutical applications
Disk feeders are dedicated to feeding rounded shape bulk components

Disk feeders for plastic parts

Disk feeders are dedicated to feeding rounded shape bulk components. Machined format sectors, specifically designed to match the shape of the parts, handle part selection and alignment.

While the output speed of disk feeders is fast with 40 to 300 parts per minute, changeover time is short at 10 to 30 minutes.

Depending on the shape of the parts and the expected autonomy, we can combine different hoppers with our disk feeders to optimally control the material flow.

Disk feeders are perfectly suitable for non-breakable plastic parts such as plastic jars, caps, containers, bottles, or tubes.

Syringe feeders for pharmaceutical applications

Our range of standard feeders includes a pre-filled glass-syringes feeder for pharma packaging lines. The feeder fulfills the high expectations of our customers in the pharma industry regarding quality and efficiency improvement.

We designed our syringe feeder specifically for the requirements of pharmaceutical applications. With this type, we enable feeding of pre-filled and capped or naked syringes from bulk. The large hopper reduces the need for refilling. Therefore, operators gain time for other activities.

Our syringe feeder provides high-speed feeding with up to 300 syringes per minute. Thanks to the electric drive, no air pressure is required for hydraulic movement. Quiet operation is possible, improving comfort and workplace safety for operators.

A dry-off module, sections of inclined belt conveyors and curves are optionally available. The module operates at a very high speed. It also offers great flexibility for different formats in length and diameter and quick changeover.

Syringe feeders for pharmaceutical applications
ADMV provides a complete range of standard blade feeders for various products.

Standard feeders with blade elevators

We have developed a complete range of standard blade feeders around entire families of products. These products include mascara brushes or vials, lipstick mechanisms and covers, perfume pumps, aerosol valves, dispensing pumps, small tubes, small bottles, syringes, and others.

Blade feeders are standalone machines with a built-in hopper to feed from bulk parts at different speeds, from 60-120 up to 300 pieces per Minute. Thanks to its electrical drive, all motions are very silent. 

Blade elevators to pre-feed from bulk

The feeders all use the same technology of alternative blade elevators to pre-feed parts. Blade feeders are designed as multiformat feeders while providing a compact and space-saving footprint. Parts of different shapes and formats are possible. The feeder is able to handle them without needing to send the machine back for modification. New forms don’t impact the setup of previous formats. Any changeover takes only 10 minutes on average. 

Complete sensor control enables the machine to start and stop automatically when needed. Blade feeders from ADMV are most suitable for long shapes and fragile plastic parts.