ADMV Bowl Feeders

Vibratory bowl feeding system - selection and orientation from bulk (150 ppm)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Feeding
  • INDUSTRY: Dairy, Automotive, Personal Care, Home Care, Industrial Goods, Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: Cheese, Car Batteries, Cosmetics, Deodorants, Fragrances, Men's Shaving, Other Home Care, Dishwashing, Liquid Soaps, Toothpaste, Soap Bars, Bearings, Gears, Machined Parts, Other Automotive, Construction Components, Mechanical Tools, Other Industrial Goods, Other Oral Care, Skin & Sun Care, Other Personal Care, Other Pharma & Healthcare, Home Insecticides, Hair Care

Detailed Info

More Information
Other infoThe system can select and orientate parts from bulk. Options for multiple formats. Easy changeover. Can be Clockwise or Counterclockwise. Option for soundproofing enclosure. Option for coating adapted to the product. Outfeed on belt, or vibrating rails. Wide range of infeed hopper: vibrating, elevating, belt. All speeds and settings are adjustable.
Packaging features
Packaging materialAny type
Packaging typeAny type
Product features
Product orientationOn demand
Max speed (m/min)150
Other technical features
Transport systemHopper, conveyor or vibrating rail
Bowl typeHelicoidal
Bowl/disk/Hoppas materialPlastic, stainless steelt, special coatings.
Hopper typeBelt, vibrating or elevating
Motion systemVibrating system
Vibratory baseADMV base
Technical data
Capacity (dm3)270
Max air pressure (bar)6
Production environment
Operating Noise Level (dB)80
Operating temperature (°C)20