Beginning of Line

The trend toward automation in the industry helps to maximize the efficiency of the raw material supply. Our customers aim to save full-time positions, free up space, and achieve greater autonomy. Savings also come from reduced health issues due to less manual transportation of heavy loads.

With our "Beginning of Line" offering, we provide depalletizing, destacking and bulk feeding solutions. We have a wide range of standard and on-demand solutions.

ADMV has extensive knowledge with feeders
Vision unscrambling

In-Line solutions

ADMV is a leading provider of turnkey solutions for most material handling applications to manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

As part of our experience with automated production operations, we have developed extensive know-how on robotic applications for material handling. Picking and packing are critical processes in automated production flows. ADMV solutions are designed to handle these processes for you and fit seamlessly into your production line.

With our integrated offering of bowl feeders, machine building, robotics and vision, we can provide fully equipped assembly machines for various products.

End of Line

Cobots or Collaborative Robots are essential tools in any industry today. As an integrator of centralized palletizing systems, we offer solutions based on our extensive knowledge and nearly 30 years of experience with thousands of installations worldwide.

We have developed modular concepts that combine standardized functions as required depending on cycle time, linear speed, product and desired degree of flexibility. Our robotic applications help reduce manual labor in various areas. Collaborative robotic solutions include unpacking, picking and placing in packaging lines, palletizing and depalletizing, and generally low-speed applications (30-60 pieces/min).

Challenges of our customers we address:

  • Lower production costs through cost-effective automation
  • Higher flexibility through a dockable, lightweight concept with very short installation and start-up times
  • Reduced space requirements by eliminating safety enclosures without compromising operator safety
  • Friendly user interfaces require no programming skills to learn new cycles
Pick and place solution from ADMV