ADMV Disk Feeders

High speed and efficiency disk feeder from bulk (500 ppm)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Feeding
  • INDUSTRY: Food, Automotive, Personal Care, Chemicals, Industrial Goods, Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: Candies & Gums, Car Batteries, Cosmetics, Deodorants, Fragrances, Men's Shaving, Other Chemicals, Liquid Soaps, Toothpaste, Soap Bars, Construction Components, Mechanical Tools, Other Industrial Goods, Other Oral Care, Skin & Sun Care, Other Personal Care, Other Pharma & Healthcare, Hair Care

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)1500
Machine height (mm)1600
Machine length (mm)1200
More Information
Other infoPart selection and orientation from bulk. Part transfer onto conveyor or vibrating rail. Multiple format. Optimized changeover time. Easy hopper loading. Option for different disk coating depends on product.
Product features
Product orientationon demand
Max speed (m/min)500
Other technical features
Bowl/disk/Hoppas materialPlastic/stainless steel
Motion systemasynchronous drive