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Robotic and vision unscrambler

Some specific parts cannot be feed in regular vibrating feeders, disk sorter or any other regular feeders for some specific reasons such : Shape, sensitivity, orientation needed……
I this case there is often a possibility to use a combination of vision guided robot with a pre feeder that will bring a flow of part under the vision (direct or with backlight) for the robot arm (could be several robots depending upon the requested speed.
The picking is performed in tracking motion and the placement could be stationary or in motion a well.
Pre-feeders could be as various as belt conveyor, vibration hopper, floor mounted hopper, bowl feeder to line up product for the robot……this will all depend upon the parts, the shape, the speed
Typical speed achieved with one robot 40-60 up to 100-110 depending upon the robot type (4 or 6 axis)