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Cartons Depalletizer

We had to depalletize trays of bottles from the pallet and transfer trays to another cell to pick from trays and place bottles into pucks for the filler, at 60 bottles per minute.

We had to remove and restack empty trays and interlayer back onto pallets.

We offered a solution where there was no human intervention for these operations except for handling the loading and unloading pallets using a forklift.

This principle has allowed our customer to:
  • Free the operators so they can focus on value-added operations. In addition, we allow a better use of the number of resources needed to manage the production line.
  • Reduce accidents due to the carriage of heavy loads.
  • Ensure a maximum autonomy to avoid stoppages due to lack of products delivered to the filling machine.
  • Automatically organize the empty boxes and interlayers. Sort and save space for waste disposal.