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Filled Glass Syringes Sorter

Feeding syringes from bulk to a labeling machine at up to 300 syringes / min.
The syringes are dried off to facilitate the labeling operation downstream.
We handle glass syringes, filled and sealed with piston, provided at their end with a tip cap, or a rigid needle protection cover.
This system is rated "critical" because it feeds and transfers sensitive glass filled syringe.
The only manual operation is loading syringes in the hopper of the feeder.

Our solution offers the following key functions:
• Controls to keep always a minimum level of syringes into the outfeed rail
• Gentle blade elevator to preserve the integrity of the product
• Feedback messages on the HMI
• Data exchange with the labeling machine.

Our added value :
Multi format and high speed feeder (different diameters, different tips, different capacity)
Machine is full electrical driven with motion control. (Noise level is very low, as no use of air)
We guarantee no recycling of syringues (no syringues will return to the bulk area).
Due to the patented distribution mechanized blades, syringes are transferred without shocks at a rate of 300 per minute with a guaranty of less than 0.03 % breakage.