Robotic applications that help reduce manual labor in various areas

Customized robotic solutions

Modular concepts that combine standardized functions

Robotic solutions for all industries

Challenges of our customers we address:

  • Lower production costs through cost-effective automation

  • Higher flexibility through a dockable, lightweight concept with very short installation and start-up times

  • Reduced space requirements by eliminating safety enclosures without compromising operator safety

  • Friendly user interfaces require no programming skills to learn new cycles

Palletizing with robots and cobots

ADMV offers several palletizing applications suitable for various industries to handle closed boxes and packages. We deliver our customers extensive experience in advanced production logistics and tailor-made systems for line automation.

As part of FlexLink, we offer industrial palletizing solutions and collaborative robots, such as the RC10, RC12, and RC14.

With a wide range of solutions, our industrial palletizing solutions can handle payloads of up to 15kg at 12 cycles per minute.

Our collaborative robots are designed to work and cooperate safely with co-workers in a production or logistics environment, according to ISO standard TS 15066. They can handle up to 12 kg payloads at eight boxes per minute.

Palletizing applications suitable for various industries to handle closed boxes and packages
Robotic loader for cartoners

Robotic loader for cartoners

Higher line speeds and increasingly different product shapes place new demands on the technological solutions for product transfer between filler and cartoner.

ADMV has profound knowledge in high-speed infeed robotics modules for cartoning machines with functions for different tasks.

The robotic loader can remove items from pucks, bottles, or jars and load them into the primary chain of the cartoner. Another feature is the transfer of products from upstream equipment into the primary chain of the cartoner. For both tasks, the robotic loader for cartoners handles up to 200 pieces per minute (ppm).

The solution also feeds accessories from bulk and places them into the primary chain next to another product coming from an upstream machine. One robot provides a speed of up to 120 ppm with the option of using two robots and up to 240 ppm.

Bundle carton loader

Automated processes can be implemented for nearly all repetitive work steps. A collaborative carton erector with an embedded vision system detects the position and orientation of the bundle. The robot takes a bundle of cartons from a pallet and puts it on the machine. It also removes the strap from the bundle and moves it right into the bin.


Bundle carton loader
Depalletizer and denester combo module with vision control

Depalletizer and denester combo module with vision control

We offer a depalletizer and denester combo module for handling products from pallets to pucks on the line. With this denester solution from ADMV, handling glass bottles, jars and fragile or sensitive parts is possible.

An integral part of our solution is vision control for stacked cartons or trays on a pallet. The depalletizing and denester combo module uses vision control to position products precisely in cartons or trays.

Another function is the simultaneous handling of 1, 2, or 4 parts, depending on speed and pattern. The possible speed range is 50 to 100 units per minute. The long unattended operating time with up to two full pallets reduces staffing requirements.

Overall, it is a modular and adaptable concept that allows quick changeover. The compact design of the ADMV depalletizer and denester combo module allows easy integration into existing equipment and also contributes to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Tray unloading for packaging lines

To meet the strong demand for product packaging lines, we have developed a range of fully automatic standard and modular machines to help our customers improve quality and productivity. Automated tray unloading solutions with customizable standard applications increase efficiency in production environments.

The changeover of packaging lines must be highly efficient if you want to pack several different products on the same line. This tray unloading and placement module also considers the specific handling requirements for fragile components.

The trays are removed from the stacks and placed in the infeed buffer by the operator. The components are then removed from the thermoformed trays and placed in pucks or assembled with semi-finished products. Finally, the empty trays are stacked again in piles to be removed by the operators.

Tray unloading systems from ADMV suit different industries, such as cosmetics, personal care, or food processing.

Tray unloading systems from ADMV suits different industries, such as cosmetics, personal care, or food processing.
Pick and place solution for various industries

Applications for pick and place robots

Pick-and-place is one of the most common automated applications in manufacturing. Essentially, Picking up, positioning and placing products takes place in almost every process. At ADMV, we focus on customized pick-and-place solutions for your product- and process-specific needs. We provide denesting solutions for any item with a unique stacking feature, whether trays, lips, or cups, to help our customers increase production rates. Automating manufacturing processes, such as picking up parts or items and placing them in other locations, speeds up the process and helps to handle repetitive tasks.

The benefits of pick-and-place solutions from ADMV and their inherent automation potential include: 

  • Quickly integrated into existing production lines
  • Customized gripper to fit any specific requirements
  • Vision-controlled robot arms
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • Internal cable routing for power supply
  • Easy installation of accessories
  • Quick change-over