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Recruitment process

Working at FlexLink means being part of a worldwide reality that is constantly seeking, selecting and hiring high-potential employees.

Submitting your resume is the first step in our recruitment process.


It starts with the collection of applications submitted spontaneously or in response to the campaign posted online. For junior profiles, the first contacts with the candidates often take place during the many recruitment events and the useful connections with schools and universities.


Coesia HR function involved in the recruitment proceeds with the screening of CVs. The shortlist of candidates to be met is then prepared in order to verify whether the profiles are in line with the specific requirements of the selection.


Those included in the shortlist are contacted to arrange an individual motivational interview. During the meetings, the candidate's experiences and interests are evaluated to check whether they are suited for the open position. The interviewer assesses the outcomes of the interviews, gives feedback to all the candidates and prepares another shortlist of people with whom to continue the process.


The candidates included in the second shortlist meet the Head of the area involved in the placement. The Manager explores the specific skills listed on the CV and presents the technical details of the position. In the selections aimed at new university or high school graduates, the ability to apply the knowledge acquired during the studies is examined.


The process ends with an overall assessment of the interviews and feedback to all candidates. The candidate most suited to the selection objectives is called back to meet with Human Resources for an evaluation of the recruitment proposal and to formalize the placement.